After Nose Operation

Bruising and swelling on the eyes will be at the highest level on the second day of the postoperative period. Patients should not be concerned with this situation. Because this appearance disappears in about 1 week.

There is no obstacle for the patients to return their daily lives after rhinoplasty but MD warns his patients that they should avoid heavy activities after the operation.

Nasal packing is commonly used in both breathing and sinusitis surgeries and rhinoplasty surgeries. This packing is a nightmare for many patients. The reason is that patients have a breathing problem after the operation because of the nasal packing and it is the painful and bleeding process while removing this packing. MD reduces the time loss and painful procedures such as dressing by using a dissolvable packing. It may also be necessary to place a silicone packing frequently. As this packing reduces the risk of bleeding, the patient continues to breathe because it is an air-permeable special packing.

The purpose of rhinoplasty is to form a nose which is compatible with other facial formations and has a good breathing function. MD believes that the noses, which are natural-looking, and which are not noticed as operated by others, are the aesthetically best noses.